The idea started in 2004 by a group of friends who loved this sport through the involvement of our children in rhythmic gymnastics, which was implemented in 2012 (856/2012 Decision of the Single Member Court of First Instance of Heraklion.
Rhythmic gymnastics aims at the harmonious development of children's physical and mental abilities from the first years of their lives. A sport that simultaneously contributes to the systematic development and cultivation of their innate skills, so that they can not only compete in a wonderful sport but also cope dynamically with every difficulty in their daily lives.
At the same time, we created the sport Gymnastics for All, so that children who love gymnastics can be given a second chance.
Our team is a recognized sports association by the General Secretariat of Sports (ΑΑ47) and registered in its register for Rhythmic Gymnastics and for Gymnastics for All.

Girls from 4 years old

With a wide range of different activities, we create moral and strong characters and aim to spread the ideal of sportsmanship. This is done through specialization in rhythmic gymnastics (rope, ribbon, ball, hoops, hoop, freestyle) in young girls.

Sports and Volunteering

Beyond sports, we are directly interested in the protection and beautification of the environment, the improvement of living conditions and the rational exploitation of children's potential for the development of social, cultural and artistic events.
At the same time, we try in every way to develop volunteerism and we cooperate with OASI, a voluntary group for the care and protection of neglected and abused children, which was created in Heraklion in 2003.